Supervisory Board

Marcus Liimets, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Cresco
Marcus Liimets is the CIO of Nordica Aviation Group, Estonia. Marcus Liimets previously worked in the Estonian national airline Estonian Air where he built his career from junior IT-specialist to the CIO of an airline operation with sophisticated multi-discipline technology platform. Marcus Liimets’ competences and responsibility covered both hard- and software, but also design and employment of the airline’s IT-system architecture, including back office and bookkeeping software applications. Marcus Liimets holds MSc Diploma from Tallinn University of Technology (1994) in information technology.

Tõnu Laak, Member of Supervisory Board of Cresco
Tõnu Laak is a member of the Management Board of investment and holding company Fablio. Tõnu Laak is one of the founders of Hansabank, the largest banking group in the Baltic States (currently Swedbank). He has held executive positions in the ferry line Estline, Refit/Europcar, and Salva Insurance. Tõnu Laak is a founder and life-time member of the Estonian Olympic Committee. He was a delegate of the People’s Congress of the USSR (1988–1991). Tõnu Laak holds Diploma in Finance from Tartu University (1974) and degree in International Affairs from Academy of Social Sciences in Moscow (1983).

Jaan Mihkel Uustalu, Member of Supervisory Board of Cresco
Dr Jaan Uustalu is the COO of Sporrong Eesti OÜ, a daughter company of one the oldest Scandinavian companies – AB Sporrong, established in 1666 in Sweden. Dr Uustalu’s previous engagements comprise executive positions and consulting tasks in various industrial companies (Rapid Granulator Estonia, Walhlquist group companies, Kiviter, Velsicol, Fagerdala) focusing on high precision mechanical and petro-chemical competences. In the early 90-s he actively participated in restructuring and preparing the former state-owned Estonian companies (Kiviõli Keemiatehas, Eesti Fosforiit, Polümeer, Salvo etc.) to be privatized. Dr Jaan Uustalu holds PhD from Lund Institute of Technology (1985), Sweden in materials science. His scientific work addressed materials science and polymerization of plastics.

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