Management Board

Annikki Kaasik Member of the Management Board of Cresco Securities™, [email protected]
Annikki has been active in different business sectors and throughout her career obtained wide-ranging management knowledge and skills. She is experienced in the IT-sector by her involvement in developing the Estonian ID-card software and by working as a project manager and trainer for the document management system Amphora. Annikki is also active in the field of tourism, as a chief executive and co-ordinator. She has been the manager of an investment holding company and has practical experience in securities trading.
Annikki has received a higher education degree from the Estonian-American Business College economics program in the field of international tourism management. She has also completed numerous economics and management related trainings.

Garry Koort, Member of the Management Board of Cresco Securities™, [email protected]
Garry is a business-minded individual with considerable experience in various large-scale IT projects as well as in business development in various industries. He has been involved in developing and implementing numerous IT applications both in Estonia and abroad. Garry has been responsible for issuing of the international ISIC/ITIC/IYTC cards and, for developing card functionalities. Also, since 2008 Garry has been coordinating the development of Minu Kool (My School) card issuing and administration platform and related services, which are widely used among educational institutions in Estonia. Garry holds a diploma in International Business Administration from Estonian Business School (2005) and has also studied in Bocconi University (Milan, Italy).

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